COVID 19 - A Uniquely and Unapologetically Black Conversation With Dr. Anthony Fauci

Throughout this year, Black America has been forced to fight two pandemics: the viral pandemic of COVID-19, and the racial pandemic of systematic oppression.

In response, the Black AIDS Institute launched THE BLACKER THE PLAN: Our People. Our Problem. Our Solution – a thoughtful, compelling, and relevant virtual speaker series aimed at fortifying and strengthening Black America during this challenging time.

A special fourth episode featuring Dr. Anthony Fauci in conversation with BAI’s President & CEO, and several BAI Board members who are respected public health experts themselves.

 As you watch these, we hope that you also share, learn, feel empowered and feel in-community. You are never alone. We are truly in this together.

Sponsored by Gilead Sciences

Created by

Black AIDS Institute